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Air Freight from China to the UK – K&L Freight

Air Freight From China

K&L Freight deal with many industries where flying goods from China is neccessary in the short term. The obvious advantage of air freight is that it arrives much faster than it would if shipped on a boat.

The negative aspect is that the cost is higher depending on the weight of the goods that are needed to be sent. A common scenario that we encounter is goods need to be delivered quickly,

25 % duty rate exports – China to the USA – latest update

It seems there has been a ceasefire from the USA side on escalating the duty surcharge from China to 25% from the 1st January 2019.

The idea, as announced at the Argentine G20 summit over the weekend is that this will allow talks to proceed between President Xi of China and President Trump.

The US are stating that China will agree to purchase a very substantial amount of agriculture, energy, industrial and other products from the USA.

Freight prices from China 2017

We thought you might be interested to know the trends in 2017 for the sea freight container market from the Far East and China in particular to the UK.

According to consultancy Xeneta, container lines operating on Asia-Europe trades aretaking stronger measures” than usual. To maintain the recent recovery in ocean freight prices. These stronger measures amount to a 33% cut in sailings immediately prior to Chinese New Year followed by 43% cuts in sailing post Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong port shrinks whilst Shenzhen port grows

Hong Kong, which is on course to lose its status as the world’s third-busiest container port, handled 22.3m teu (20 foot equivilant shipping container) in 2013, 3.6% less than a year ago, according to government data, dipping 2% to 17.1m teu.

Hong Kong is set to be overtaken by neighbouring Shenzhen as the world’s third-largest container port, a status that it has held since 2007.

The former British colony was once the world’s top container port but was outrun by Singapore in 2005 and by Shanghai in 2007.