Chinese Golden Week & UK Imports

We’ll shortly be coming up to Chinese Golden Week which begins in the first week of October.  It’s the equivalent of an old style UK bank holiday where things actually used to close down and factories and industries would close.  It is observed across China and manufacturing and banking closes down for a minimum of one week, sometimes up to two weeks as celebrations take place.

We always recommend our clients check with their suppliers as to what the plans are and must factor this in when anticipating delivery times.  We will be happy to help with our knowledge and experience and advice on how it can affect your shipments.   With many banks closing, this can cause an issue with release of goods if payment not received so it really does make sense to make a plan now to avoid any surprises.

Here at K & L we have worked through years of Chinese Golden Weeks since it began in 2000 and our team will be working hard with our clients to keep disruption to a minimum with the parts that we can control.  Talk to us today.

chinese golden week

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