Chinese Imports to Manchester


It may seem strange to be seriously thinking about Christmas when most of us have not yet had our summer holiday, however this year we urge you to do so.

The recent threats of a Brexit have left United Kingdom warehouses full to bursting as manufacturers continue their contingency plans by holding large inventory stocks. For many the plan was that we would now be post Brexit and so stock levels would now being running down. Instead the revised date is 31 October and some are saying that it is inevitable this date is again put back so contingency plans are being extended.

if our are planning to import from the China, or importing from India or importing from any other non EU countries this autumn it is important not to assume that there will be 3rd party warehousing available for a Christmas peak, at least at a sensible price.

If you are a non EU importer into the UK and want assistance in Brexit planning why not get in touch?


We are perfectly placed to handle all your imports from China both now and in the future. We will guide you through the system whatever Brexit brings. The team can offer imports from across the Far East and can adapt quickly to market changes.You can find out more about us here and the team are always here to help, call us today on  +44 (0)1606 ​272​ 880 or email via our contact form here

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