At K&L Freight we recognise that distribution and warehousing is a vital part of the supply chain.

With a dedicated team of specialists available to assist you, we offer a range of fully integrated contract logistics solutions to help you manage your supply chain from every angle. Our inventory management and order fulfilment tools seamlessly link with K&L Freight’s global shipping and supply chain management resources – making complex challenges transparent and easy to handle.

With over 25 years experience in freight transportation, contract logistics and supply chain management, the team at K&L Freight can ensure the seamless delivery of your goods by air or sea.

Our contract logistics solutions aim to help you improve your shipping operations in the following key areas:

Reducing the burden of maintaining assets to improve financial returns.

Enhancing inventory and stock control.

Streamlining processes to increase efficiency.

Ensuring that all efforts focus on the delivery of advanced customer service and quality.

With our fully integrated contract logistics solutions, we can manage your supply chain from every angle.

Deciding on the right international shipping option can be difficult for businesses with complex logistical needs. That’s why our specialists create a bespoke package of transportation services to help clients overcome challenges and compete in the global marketplace.

Our contract logistics specialists can design an end-to-end solution for your company, ensuring that from origin – to carrier – to final destination, your international cargo arrives reliably, with fast transit times, and at the best possible rates.

As with every service we offer at K&L Freight, our team is committed to understanding our customer and working with you to become an extension of your business. We take time to develop in-depth insight into your industry so that we can anticipate your potential needs and respond quickly and effectively to any changing market conditions.

Total supply chain management

By integrating each element of the supply chain from sea freight to rail and road to your cargo’s final destination K&L Freight can continually fine-tune your delivery system so that your goods are seamlessly transported and delivered.

Please feel free to call us today on 01606 331103 and find out how we can improve your sea freight service and potentially save you money, or alternatively you can contact us with details of your requirements. We’ll be only too happy to help.