Cross Trade Shipments From USA to the UK

Cross trade shipments are an important part of our service offering. Thanks to our international network of agents, we make it easier than ever for clients to ship their cargo directly between countries – without having to be routed through the UK.

This service has been especially useful for one of our automotive clients. Specialising in Porsche engines, the company is a world-renowned expert in automotive repair and maintenance of high-performance engines.

As incredible as it may seem, engines for German-built cars, which have been sold in the USA, are regularly imported to the UK for our client to rebuild. Once the repairs are complete, the engine is returned to the USA where it is re-fitted, giving the car a new lease of life.

These kinds of cross trade shipments are common for a wide range of industries with complex supply chains. We have been helping clients successfully navigate this process for years, and as such, have established processes and infrastructure in place to support cross trade shipments worldwide.

Deciding on the right freight transportation option can be difficult for a growing business, but our global logistics experts make it easy for clients to secure the necessary paperwork and authorisations needed. In the case of our automotive client, this meant ensuring that each Porsche engine had the appropriate import/export documentation and that, once returned, the UK and USA duties were appropriately rebated.

This attention to detail and individualised support helps clients meet the needs of their customers, as well as control costs and reduce the impact that cross trade shipments would have on their company’s financial growth and development.

With a reliable network of global partners and a team of import/export shipping specialists to address your business needs, you can rely on K&L Freight to deliver your cargo quickly and efficiently at the best possible rates.