Felixstowe Strikes

Strike Action At Felixstowe

As you may have probably already heard, there is a threat of strike action at Felixstowe container port in the UK. Felixstowe is the UK’s largest container port and handles around 40% of the UK’s container trade.

The strike is due to start on Sunday 21 August and finish on Monday the 29 August. As we come closer to the start date of the strike it is becoming increasingly clear even though negotiations are continuing that there is a very high likelihood that the strike will take place

Shipping Delays Likely

Some ships are already being routed away from Felixstowe though so far all the ones we are aware of have just adjusted their port of call order so that they will call at Felixstowe at a later date, post-strike. The likely consequence is that many ships will moor up at Felixstowe and wait for the strike to finish before being unloaded and re-loaded, they will then be joined by all the vessels that delayed their arrivals at Felixstowe plus also those that were scheduled to arrive at Felixstowe post-strike anyway.

The likely result is congestion at Felixstowe will likely continue for a number of weeks after the strike.