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MSC Aries Shipping Container Incident In The Red Sea

As you may have read or seen in the national news, a container ship has been seized in the Middle East by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The MSC Aries has a capacity of around 15000 containers and it is reported just 21 of these have any connection with Israel and it is on this basis that the ship and its crew have been and remain detained. It follows that a considerable percentage of container ships at sea will have a connection to Israel one way or another if drilled down to this percentage of cargo.

The Current Situation For Sea Freight From China & The Far East To The UK

It is now an important time for you to review sea freight prices from China to the UK. Anyone involved in sourcing from China, the Far East, India and the Indian sub-continent will know there has been complete upheaval regarding freight rates from these origins in recent months.

Once the Red Sea became impassible for large containerships in December, the only option for container ship owners was to re-route ships around the Cape of Good Hope.

Import Customs Entries From The EU

We have noticed that HMRC ( UK Customs) is becoming ever more strict regarding import customs entries from the EU and the rest of the world. This is especially important for customs entries from the EU, as importers often do not have a history of customs compliance from EU member states as EU customs border entries only became mandatory through 2021.

This is where K&L Freight can assist. We offer a customs clearance (customs brokerage) service at UK ports and airports.

Latest News On Shipping Costs & Container Freight Rates Oct 23

Buying From India or China?

In some ways, it may seem like the worst time to contemplate buying from China or the Indian subcontinent.

However, in many ways, it has never been a better time to source from overseas. Reduced demand caused by an increased lack of consumer confidence and interest rate hikes has combined with the increasing size of ships. Container ships always seem to get larger,

How do I Start To Import From China? A Guide

The following article gives you an overview of the process & procedure of importing, from China in particular.

The best place to start is by understanding your requirements, such as the type and quantity of goods you want to ship, the collection address, the delivery address, the ready date, and the timeline for delivery. Consider factors such as size, weight, and anything specific that may be relevant to shipping such as the possibility of what you are buying being oversize or overweight.

How Do I Get A Freight Price For Importing From China?

We assume you are starting from the point of having sourced your supplier you are happy with what they are selling you and a price has been agreed upon (being a freight company K&L Freight cannot help you with sourcing your products from China or other markets we serve such as India and the USA).

The next step will be to work out all your costs so you will need your freight costs to do this.

Importing By Sea From China To The UK: Latest Market Conditions

The UK is one of the largest importers of goods from China, with a significant portion of these imports arriving by sea. In recent years, the global trade landscape has undergone significant changes, affecting the importation process between the two countries. This article will discuss the current market conditions for importing by sea from China to the UK.

Tariffs and Trade Agreements

The trade relationship between the UK and China has been impacted by recent global trade tensions and changes in trade policies.

Exporting To The EU

It is over six years now since we voted to leave the EU and we left the EU customs union on the 31st of December 2020.

Up until the end of 2020 sending a shipment to an EU country was a very straightforward process and in many ways, it was the same as arranging delivery in the UK – this was the whole point of the customs union, to create one huge domestic market.

Importing From China With Falling Exchange Rate

Here at K&L freight we are now constantly being asked ‘ how do I cope with importing from China now that sterling has now collapsed?’

Aside from the fact that sterling has recovered – at least partly – against the dollar and let’s hope it stays that way, there are other factors that come into play when sourcing goods from China.

The immediate reaction from some of our customers to the sterling’s collapse has been to attempt to persuade their Chinese supplier to sell to them in Sterling.

Import Customs Clearance – Changeover From CHIEF to CDS

As HM Revenue has extensively publicised, their mainframe customs entry IT system. CHIEF, will close for all import customs entries nationally on 30 September 2022 as the system is over 25 years old and has reached the end of its life.

CDS Import Software

The new Customs system that replaces it is named CDS; it is already up and running. Many of the changes that CDS bring are behind the scenes. It brings much more complication and is a much more comprehensive solution than CHIEF,