Identifying dangerous goods incorrectly can have massive consequences


The  implications of an event such as that which took place  in Tianjin will probably take many months to emerge. Investigations are still on going. The significant human cost and infrastructure damage to a key port serve as a vivid ‘call to action’ to the entire supply chain industry in relation to dangerous goods, whether on land, at sea, or in the air.

The cause of the original fire and subsequent explosions are uncertain,

Lithium battery causes emergency landing


Just days after the FAA issued a strong warning about the risk of unstoppable fires from lithium battery shipments, an Alaska Airlines passenger flight from Newark to Seattle made an emergency landing in Buffalo after a credit card reader, used as the point of sale for onboard purchases of food and drink, began to overheat and smoke in the cabin of the aircraft. The card reader, which was powered by a lithium-ion battery,

Container shipping set to make a loss in 2015. Bad news for all in the long run.

A toxic mixture of over capacity, weak demand and predatory pricing by some of the larger players is forecast to produce a loss  for the whole industry in 2015.

Earlier this year the respected industry consultancy, Drewry forecast that shipping container carriers would collectively make $8 billon profit in 2015. They have now revised their forecast and advise that they will be lucky to break even. The more likely scenario is that the majority of carriers will be in the red.

Anti Dumping duty – what I need to know

There is a type of customs duty that that causes particular concern and confusion – Anti Dumping Duty.

In recent times there has been an increase in investigations to recover Anti Dumping  Duties (ADD) retrospectively and most of these have been conducted by the European Anti  Fraud Office ( OLAF).

Anti Dumping  duties (ADD)  are an additional duty amount charged when the EU consider goods are imported into the EU at below a fair market rate.

K&L Freight sponsor leading industry awards

K&L Freight are confirmed as one of the sponsors for The BIFA Freight Service Awards 2015 competition which will culminate in a glittering Luncheon Ceremony on Thursday 21st January 2016 at The Brewery, in the City of London.

The awards celebrate the best service and innovation within the International Freight industry with awards in a number of different categories.

As one of the awards ceremony sponsors K&L Freight is delighted to be able lend its support to this prestigious event.

Latest news on Far East Freight Rates


Unexpectedly prices in the Far East freight market have further reduced and the low prices seem to be set to continue through to the end of June.

The consequence of the latest dip in rates is that some lines have become completely overloaded with business.  As a result the affected lines have backlogs of containers waiting to ship at origin of up to two weeks .

At K&L Freight we are spending a lot of time and effort ensure that we avoid these bottlenecks  by swapping carriers as necessary so that containers move as planned whilst at the same time our customers get to enjoy the very low freight rates that are currently available.

Airport still a problem for Nepal airfreight

Nepal airfreight is on the move again, but progressing slowly. While the general flow of humanitarian cargo into Kathmandu’s International Airport has been improving, charterers on the ground report restrictions on landing slots and aircraft loading weights.

Imposed by Nepal’s civil aviation authorities, these restrictions are limiting the efficiency of aid operations and delaying the arrival of supplies into the country. In recent days, damage to the runway has seen landing and take-off weights of freighters limited to 196 tonnes in order to reduce runway damage.

Container manufacturing booming

Rising demand will boost the financial performance of container manufacturers over the next two years, according to one leading forecaster.

Nilesh Tiwary, an equity analyst at Drewry, said annual box deliveries would grow 14% this year, 5% in 2015 and 9% in 2016 due to favourable demand-supply dynamics in the container shipping industry.

Box replacement demand would also increase over the period as more resale outlets were opened in emerging markets.

Sea freight rates due to rise in November

FREIGHT rates have continued to decline on all the major trades this week as container lines look to November and the latest round of recommended general rate increases.

Carriers pushing for rises of up to nearly $1,000 per teu on the Asia-Europe trade are hoping to repeat last year’s successful GRIs when rates jumped some 123% from $670 to $1,423.

A rise in box prices cannot come soon enough.

The latest Shanghai Containerised Freight Index shows that on Asia-Europe routes,

Airfreight prices worldwide to stay stable over the next 12 months

Airline heads of cargo expect pricing to the main broadly stable over the next 12 months, according to the latest Airline Business Confidence Index from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In the association’s quarterly survey, conducted in October and published today, airline CFOs and heads of cargo reported that “cargo yields declined at a slightly slower pace” in the third quarter compared to earlier in the year, and cargo heads “anticipate stability in cargo yields over the next 12 months”,

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