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Buying From India

You will be pleased to know that buying and importing from India is rather more straightforward than you may expect.

Why Import From India?

Let’s assume you addressed the question ‘why import from India?’ and have sourced the product you want to buy and agreed payment terms with your supplier – so you are good to go.

Getting Freight From India

The next step is to consider the geography of India.

Buying From China

We are often asked about how to import from China to the UK?

As a freight company we think importing from China is straightforward, though of course we do this all day every day for a living!

Let’s assume you have found a profitable product to import from China, this may be from your own contacts or by visiting a trade fair, or you may even be importing from China to the UK sourcing from Alibaba.

IMO 2020 – Cutting Sulphur Oxide Emissions

What is IMO 2020

As has been widely publicised in the shipping industry new regulations called IMO2020 come into force from 1 January 2020. The regulations are being sponsored by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and are being introduced worldwide further restrict the amount of Sulphur content in the fuel used to power ships, which will reduce to 0.5% from 3.5%.

Reducing Sulphur Emissions

Shipping lines have several options to reduce sulphur emissions,

Air Freight Forwarding Experts

How Much Does Air Freight Cost?

We are often asked “how much does Air Freight cost?”. The answer may surprise you, as small commercial shipments can work out cheaper on Air Freight Charges than Sea Freight. The reason for this is that Sea Freight has a minimum charge charge of 1 tonne, whereas Air
Freight minimum charges are typically 20 kilos.

What Is The Chargeable Weight For Air Freight?

You may ask “What Is The Chargeable Weight For Air Freight?”

What Is The Meaning Of Freight Collect In Shipping Terms?

If you are used to sending parcels internationally you may be familiar with the phrase ‘Freight Collect’ where you send parcels to your customer and they pay the cost of carriage. In the world of freight, the terms that determine who is responsible and pays for each part of the journey are officially set out and are called ‘Terms of sale’ or ‘Incoterms’. Phrases ‘Freight prepaid’ or ‘freight collect’ just don’t cut it and should not be used for air freight or sea freight.

How does freight forwarding in China work?

China has developed over the last 30 years from an insignificant player to become the largest export economy in the world. Freight Forwarding has developed along the same lines. In the beginning there was one state owned company called Sinotrans.

Now the industry has exploded and there are thousands of companies calling themselves freight forwarders in China. The market is not mature and there are very many small and some not so small,

How do I Import from China?

There is a simple answer to a complicated question when it comes to “How do I Import from China?”  The answer is that you find a freight company with vast experience in moving freight in and out of that country and save yourself time and money.

Here at K & L Freight we have 30 years of experience in doing just that.  We have faced and overcome all the challenges that come with such shipments and our contacts and trusted name in the industry mean that we can negotiate the best rates with carriers and pass these on to you.

Supply Chain Management Service

Looking for a reliable experienced company who offer a supply chain management service?  Come and talk to the experts here at K & L Freight.  Our team offer a complete, bespoke logistics plan that ensures your shipment is cost effective and arrives on time.

As a company we have invested in systems that will track your freight and keep you fully up to date with the latest status for your peace of mind. 

Import Shipping Containers

With over 30 years experience in the movement of freight by land or sea or road we have moved thousands of shipping containers across the world.  Our team can recommend you the best and most economical size to use to ensure that your costs are kept to a minimum.

We keep clients fully informed on the status of their shipment so you don’t need to worry about anything including customs clearance.  We can even deliver it to your warehouse or storage if you require.

Cheshire Freight Forwarders

We are Cheshire’s leading freight forwarders who offer the complete range of customised freight forwarding solutions to suit the needs to our clients across the globe.

With provide a complete service for your freight organised by our team of experts who will first find the most cost effective way to get your goods delivered exactly where you want them.

We handle everything whether it needs air, sea or land and keep you fully informed on the your freights journey as it makes it’s way to you.