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Chinese Golden Week & UK Imports

We’ll shortly be coming up to Chinese Golden Week which begins in the first week of October.  It’s the equivalent of an old style UK bank holiday where things actually used to close down and factories and industries would close.  It is observed across China and manufacturing and banking closes down for a minimum of one week, sometimes up to two weeks as celebrations take place.

We always recommend our clients check with their suppliers as to what the plans are and must factor this in when anticipating delivery times. 

Help with Importing From China

As a timely reminder to our customers and prospective customers  the 1st week of October is Chinese Golden Week. This festival is in affect a public holiday when Chinese manufacturing closes down more or less completely for at least a week and often for two. During this time normal business with China stops and goes on hold and so if you are planning to buy from China whatever you are purchasing will need to be in the supply chain before Golden Week starts as often it takes factories some time to get back up to speed after the holiday period.

Best UK Freight Forwarding Company

When you are looking to move goods around the world then you want to be sure you are choosing the best UK freight forwarding company possible.  You need someone you can trust to make sure your goods pass smoothly to their destination with the minimum of fuss for you.

Our team keep clients up to date every step of the way so you know where your goods are and if things are running to time.

Manchester Freight Forwarders

It’s important to understand the role of a freight forwarder.. Put simply a freight forwarder is responsible for the shipment of your goods between two given destinations. The freight forwarding company is supposed to arrange the entire shipment process on your behalf.

Freight forwarders act as intermediates between the shipping companies and shippers. They negotiate with the transportation services on behalf of their clients until they get the most reliable, economical and fastest route for their clients.   

Air Freight into Manchester

We work with freight and shipping handlers across the world to make sure we get the best service and value to pass onto our customers.  When you become a client of K & L Freight you become an very important part of our business.  We will get you a designated member of the team to speak to the build the relationship who will be on the phone and email to assist with any queries you may have.

UK Imports After Brexit

We are in uncertain times across the UK as business and consumers try and work out exactly what will happen with Brexit and struggle to cut through the noise of politicians and experts telling us conflicting information.

Imports During Brexit

One thing is certain and that is that if you deal with imports in your business then you are going to need a reliable freight company on your side as you navigate through Brexit and out of the other side.

Importing into the UK from China after Brexit

After Brexit importing into the UK will, as it stands, be the same process from any country and the current arrangements for importing from an EU country will no longer apply and you will always need an EORI number so if you have not got one already you will need to apply using H M Revenue & Customs on line procedure.

If you use K&L Freight whole import process is handled by ourselves and so you do not need to worry about how,

Import from Vietnam

Our team have vast experience in shipping goods around the world.  We have moved thousands of containers from Vietnam to the UK and are happy to share our experience with you.

We offer shipments of all sizes including full and part containers and are the only company you need to import from Vietnam.  We use sea freight where we can to provide the best value but are happy to quote for air freight if you need a faster delivery time.

How to Import From China

We are often ask the question ‘ how do I import from China – where do I start?’

The process may seem complicated and onerous but it doesn’t need to be, the question of how to import from China is easy when you know how!

If you can source what you want to buy from China (sorry that’s the only bit we can’t help you with!) we can arrange the rest for you right through to delivery to your door and you don’t even need to be involved.

Importing into Manchester

You may be experienced importers looking to find a new company to handle your freight or a first time importer wondering how to navigate the maze of things you need to do to bring goods into the UK.

With 30 years experience of importing millions of pounds of goods we believe we’re the only choice you need to handle the next shipment.

K & L Freight will assign you a dedicated member of the team to handle your containers from start to finish.