Help with Importing From China

As a timely reminder to our customers and prospective customers  the 1st week of October is Chinese Golden Week. This festival is in affect a public holiday when Chinese manufacturing closes down more or less completely for at least a week and often for two. During this time normal business with China stops and goes on hold and so if you are planning to buy from China whatever you are purchasing will need to be in the supply chain before Golden Week starts as often it takes factories some time to get back up to speed after the holiday period. If you have already purchased from China and have stock ‘in the pipeline’ around this time please bear in mind if you are sending payments to China for the banking system will also close and so in the unlikely event your supplier is open they may not receive payments from you which may then effect the release of goods as they arrive in the UK.

This year is a double event as 1 October is also the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. This will have an effect on air services in particular and we are already hearing that the CAAC of China are planning to restrict cargo flights around this time as the landing and take off slots may be re-allocated to additional passenger flights.

At this time of year when dealing with China it is essential to plan ahead to avoid being caught out with stock in closed factories or waiting for flights that have been cancelled.

We have years of experience in dealing with this so are only to happy to help.