How do I Import from China?

There is a simple answer to a complicated question when it comes to “How do I Import from China?”  The answer is that you find a freight company with vast experience in moving freight in and out of that country and save yourself time and money.

Here at K & L Freight we have 30 years of experience in doing just that.  We have faced and overcome all the challenges that come with such shipments and our contacts and trusted name in the industry mean that we can negotiate the best rates with carriers and pass these on to you.

All backed by our fully tracked software to make sure that you know exactly what is happening with your goods and can relax as we take the hassle out of this part of the process.

Talk to us today to see how we can help (including help with Chinese Golden Week!) with your next shipment and join our list of satisfied customers.


How do I Import from China

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