How does freight forwarding in China work?

China has developed over the last 30 years from an insignificant player to become the largest export economy in the world. Freight Forwarding has developed along the same lines. In the beginning there was one state owned company called Sinotrans.

Now the industry has exploded and there are thousands of companies calling themselves freight forwarders in China. The market is not mature and there are very many small and some not so small, unreliable and untrustworthy companies. Their main skill being marketing rather than an honest, professional company you would be comfortable trusting your shipments with.

So the question you may ask is “how do I know which forwarder in China to use?” The reply to this is most probably another question – “why do you want to choose a forwarder in China?”

Reputable UK Freight Forwarder

We strongly recommend that you chose a reputable British forwarder, who in turn will liase and work with a freight forwarder in China that has been carefully vetted, worked with before and take responsibility for. The UK forwarder will do all the work for you in regard to shipping your goods from China to the UK. You will be in good company too, as this is how most companies who import from China operate.

Established Freight Forwarding Partnerships

K & L Freight are partnered with a huge and long established forwarder who have offices in every significant port and airport in China as well as Hong Kong and across South East Asia and each branch handles sea freight part loads, full load containers and also airfreight. K&L Freight make the process very easy. Just advise what you have and what terms of sale you have agreed with your supplier. K&L Freight will then prepare you a binding quote and if you are happy with the price, provide the contact details for your supplier and that’s it! K&L Freight will take care of the rest.