How to Import From China

We are often ask the question ‘ how do I import from China – where do I start?’

The process may seem complicated and onerous but it doesn’t need to be, the question of how to import from China is easy when you know how!

If you can source what you want to buy from China (sorry that’s the only bit we can’t help you with!) we can arrange the rest for you right through to delivery to your door and you don’t even need to be involved.

All we will need are your supplier’s details and what you have bought, which we will then pass on to our overseas office and with this information we are off and running. We will of course keep you fully informed and we have a fully automated system that does this for us, though of course you are always welcome to give us a call or send us an email.

As you would expect we will provide you with a competitive sea freight rate, or if you need us to send by air we will give you a competitive airfreight rate too.

Of course there is a lot to the process of importing behind the scenes and  this is where we come in to our own. We will ensure your dealings with your Chinese suppliers don’t cause problems with Chinese customs at export so that there are no delays. We work with our partner shipping lines and airlines so that when it arrives in the UK all  is in order and when we come to arrange clearance through customs all goes smoothly . Once your shipment is customs cleared by ourselves we arrange delivery to you and our work is done.

If you want to know more just send us an email or speak to one of the team today.

How to Import From China


We are perfectly placed to handle all your imports from China both now and in the future.The team can offer a full import service and can adapt quickly to market changes.You can find out more about us here and the team are always here to help, call us today on  +44 (0)1606 ​272​ 880 or email via our contact form here

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