Worry Free Importing from China to the UK


Are you concerned or confused about importing from China?

Want transparancy with shipping costs?

K&L Freight make importing easy and hassle free

K&L Freight have many years experience in the Chinese market, both sea freight and also air freight.

Chinese regulations can be very strict and are strictly enforced, so knowing the trade rules in China and then following them faithfully is essential.

Complete Outsource Solution

K&L freight provide a complete door to door solution so that you can outsource the whole supply chain process. From contacting your supplier, through to dealing with customs in China and the UK, as well as booking your freight with the best shipping lines or airlines, we take care of everything and make sure all goes according to plan.

We also keep you informed every step of the way using automated web based reports that work in real time so that you are always in the loop at all times regarding the status of all your shipments booked with us.

If you are interested in finding out more about importing from China and K&L Freight take a look at our Import From China Blog posts

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    Specialists in all aspects of Import & Export

    For a number of international destinations the preparation of unique documents may be required. K&L Freight’s qualified team of export professionals can produce all the relevant documentation you may require for your air freight, and co-ordinate any unique requirements for shipments that need more specialist shipping paperwork such as notaries or certificates of origin.