Importing into Manchester

You may be experienced importers looking to find a new company to handle your freight or a first time importer wondering how to navigate the maze of things you need to do to bring goods into the UK.

With 30 years experience of importing millions of pounds of goods we believe we’re the only choice you need to handle the next shipment.

K & L Freight will assign you a dedicated member of the team to handle your containers from start to finish.  We will look after all your needs including road freight if needed at either end and all the legal side of things.

We also keep you up to date on progress using our tracking system so you’ll know where your goods are and can be reassured that we are in total control of everything.

We can handle shipments of all sizes so talk to us today and let’s get started…


Indian Imports into Manchester


We are perfectly placed to handle all your imports into Manchester both now and in the future. The team can offer a full import service and can adapt quickly to market changes.You can find out more about us here and the team are always here to help, call us today on  +44 (0)1606 ​272​ 880 or email via our contact form here

Importing into Manchester? Speak to the experts at K & L Freight