Types of shipment

K&L Freight can offer a wide range on container types to suit your needs.

Main Container Types

The main containers used are 20GP (20ft general purpose), 40GP (40ft general purpose) and 40HC (40ft high cube).

The 40HC will offer the best value for money. You will get over double the space than you do with 20GP (76.28 cubic metres as opposed to 33.18 cubic metres) but it would not be double the cost. A 40GP can hold 67.67 cubic metres.

40GP & HC Uses

Many 40GP and 40HC containers are used for light or medium weight cargo such as furniture whereas 20GP are good for heavier cargo such as stone or marble.

Due to the container itself weighing less, the 20GP can carry up to 28180kg.

The 40GP can only carry up to around 26700kg.

Open Top Containers

For cargo considered to be ‘out of gauge’ (i.e. Large items such as machinery that would not fit in a standard container) there are open top containers.

Open top containers are ideal for cargo that is tall – or flat rack containers for cargo that is too wide. These are not as cheap as standard containers but will do that job that standard containers cannot.

Refrigerated Containers

We can also arrange for refrigerated containers (known as reefers) for any cargo that may be temperature sensitive such as food or pharmaceutical goods.

As well as reefers that are plugged into a generator to maintain the temperature required, we can also use non-operating reefers.

These can only be used for clean, odourless and non-hazardous cargo such as new electronic parts, new machinery, clothing, furniture, toys, books and packaged food.

Reefer containers are slightly smaller inside than standard containers of the same (external) size due to the insulation required for when the refrigerator is in use.

So for example, externally, a 40ft reefer is the size of a 40HC (high cube) but internally, the size of a 40GP (general purpose).

Shipping lines will often require to replenish their stock in other ports across the world, so we are sometimes offered low rates in order to encourage shippers to use them over standard containers and therefore mean that they are receiving some revenue, rather than sending an empty container across the world.

Cargo Weights

The weight of the cargo (payload) that can be stuffed into any container would be determined by the container itself, the origin country’s road laws and the destination country’s road laws.

Here in the UK, the maximum weight of a truck is 44,000kg. This includes the cargo, the container, the truck and even the driver’s lunch.

The UK has one of the highest limits in Europe, matching several others, only having less than Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark – where it is 48,000kg and Sweden, who allow an massive 60,000kg!

The USA, where everything is apparently bigger, have much stricter limits in some states.

Most states only allow up to 36,363kg. South Dakota has no limit at all and trucks exceeding 77,000kg (over double the limit of most other states) are often seen.

Trucking 70,000kg of cargo from South Dakota to North Dakota? You will have to take two trucks, because North Dakota limit is only 47,954kg!

Please see below tables for the shipment types we use for our freight solutions.

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Equipment Specification – Standard 20′

 Standard 20'Upgraded 20'Standard 40'High Cube 40'
Inside Length19'4"5.89m19'4"5.89m39'5"12.01m39'5"12.01m
Inside Width7'8"2.33m7'7"2.31m7'8"2.33m7'8"2.33m
Inside Height7'10"2.38m7'10"2.38m7'10"2.38m8'10"2.69m
Door Width7'8"2.33m7'6"2.28m7'8"2.33m7'8"2.33m
Door Height7'6"2.28m7'6"2.28m7'6"2.28m8'5"2.56m
Capacity1,172 ft33.18 m1,150 ft32.56m2,390 ft67.67m2,694 ft76.28m
Tare Weight4,916 lb2,229 kg5,060 lb2,229 kg8,160 lb3,701 kg8,750 lb3,968 kg
Max. Cargo47,999 lb21,727 kg61,996 lb28,120 kg59,040 lb26,780 kg58,450 lb26,512 kg

Equipment Specification – open top 20′

 Open Top 20' (Upgraded Also Available)Open Top 40'
Inside Length19'4"5.89m39'5"12.01m
Inside Width7'7"2.31m7'8"2.33m
Inside Height7'8"2.33m7'8"2.33m
Door Width7'8"2.28m7'8"2.33m
Door Height7'2"2.18m7'6"2.26m
Capacity1,13 ft32.16m2,350 ft66.54m
Tare Weight5,280 lb2,394 kg8,490 lb3,850 kg
Max. Cargo47,620 lb21,600 kg58,710 lb26,630 kg

Equipment Specification – Chassis 33′ Tri-Axle

Chassis 33' Tri-Axle
Overall Extended41'3"Long Max Extended12.37m
Tare Weight10,900 lb4,954 kg
Max Cargo45,500 lb20,227 kg
Overall Unextended33'3"Long Max Extended9.97m
Tare Weight10,900 lb4,954 kg
Max Cargo39,500 lb19,955 kg

Equipment Specification – Flat Rack 20′

 Flat Rack 20'Flat Rack 40'
Inside Length18'5"5.31m39'7"12.06m
Inside Width7'3"2.20m6'10"2.08m
Inside Height7'4"2.23m6'5"1.95m
Tare Weight5,578 lb2,530 kg12,081 lb5,479 kg
Max. Cargo47,333 lb21,487 kg85,800 lb38,918 kg

Equipment Specification – Chassis 40′ Gooseneck

Chassis 40' Gooseneck
Overall Extended40'Long Max Extended12.00m
Tare Weight6,500 lb2,954 kg
Max Cargo44,500 lb20,227 kg

Equipment Specification – Flat Rack Collapsible 20′

 Flat Rack Collapsible 20'Flat Rack Collapsible 40'
Inside Length18'6"5.63m39'7"12.06m
Inside Width7'3"2.20m6'10"2.08m
Inside Height7'4"2.23m6'5"1.95m
Tare Weight6,061 lb2,749 kg12,787 lb5,800 kg
Max. Cargo61,117 lb22,722 kg85,800 lb38,918 kg

Equipment Specification – Platform 20′

 Platform 20'Platform 40'
Inside Length19'11"6.07m40'0"12.19m
Inside Width8'0"2.43m8'0"2.43m
Inside Height7'4"2.23m6'5"1.95m
Tare Weight6,061 lb2,749 kg12,783 lb5,798 kg
Max. Cargo52,896 lb23,993 kg66,397 lb30,117 k

Equipment Specification – Reefer 20′

 Reefer 20'Reefer 40'Reefer 40' High Cube
Inside Length17'8"5.38m37'8"11.48m37'11"11.55m
Inside Width7'5"2.26m7'5"2.26m7'6"2.28m
Inside Height7'5"2.26 7'2"2.18m8'2"2.48m
Door Width7'5"2.26m7'5"2.26m7'6"2.28m
Door Height7'3"2.20m7'0"2.13m8'0"2.43m
Capacity1,000 ft28.31m2,040 ft57.76m2,334 ft66.37m
Tare Weight7,040 lb3,193 kg10,780 lb 4,889 kg9,900 lb 4,490 kg
Max. Cargo45,760 lb20,756 kg56,276 lb25,526 kg57,561 lb26,780

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