K&L Freight specialises in providing flexible supply chain management solutions tailored around specific customer requirements.

Freight Supply Chain Management

UK businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on effective supply chain management to compete in the global marketplace. To facilitate this process, K&L Freight reviews each stage of your supply chain to maximise opportunities, overcome transportation and warehousing challenges, and reduce delays.

Automated Supply Chain Management

Through this supply chain process, K&L Freight help businesses establish a logistics plan that supports growth and ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our specialists are able to manage bookings from the moment they’re placed in the country of origin, right through to delivery. Additionally, when an initial order is taken, our automated system gives clients an immediate update with data on projected departure, arrival and delivery dates.

Access to real-time data gives our clients additional control over their operations, as well as the ability to adapt to the changing demands of the global marketplace.

Resource Investment

Due to the value-added benefits our clients enjoy, we’ve invested in additional resources and dedicated staff for our service.

While it’s nice to have systems in place, enhancing our ability to focus on client management and increase support is of paramount importance to our team here at K&L Freight.

We work closely with operational partners worldwide to ensure that our solutions offer increased visibility, genuine support, and – perhaps most importantly – pro-active management of the task.

As with all K&L Freight services, our solutions are built to be client-specific and we work hard in order to understand our customers’ businesses and the environments in which they trade.

Happy to help

Please feel free to call us today on 01606 272880 and find out how we can deliver a bespoke supply chain management solution for your business. Alternatively you can contact us with details of your requirements. We’ll be only too happy to help.