Vietnamese Exports Set to Grow

When the US took the decision to apply 25% duty surcharges on imports, Chinese companies as well as their Far East competitors began making alternative plans.

Far East Production Increase

Expect to see huge ramping up of production in Vietnam (especially), Malaysia, Indonesia as well as other Far East counties such as Cambodia and Thailand.

Even if the US were to reverse Chinese duty surcharges tomorrow, most manufacturers say they will disburse their production over a number of countries in future so that they don’t have all their eggs in one basket.

These companies will not want to be exposed to such risk again and we may see a real spread across the far east to facilitate this.

Such changes are no problem to the K&L Freight team as we have vast experience in imports from around the world and can adapt quickly to any changes in the market to ensure little or no disruption to our clients should the production base change.

K&L Freight is up and running in all Far East countries so whatever country you are sourcing from, K&L Freight can handle it.

Vietnamese exports

We are perfectly placed to handle all your imports from China both now and in the future. The team can offer imports from across the Far East and can adapt quickly to market changes.You can find out more about us here and the team are always here to help, call us today on  +44 (0)1606 ​272​ 880 or email via our contact form

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